Innovation is a key factor for the development of citizens, businesses and public bodies. It’s improving our lives, making enterprises and Public Administration more productive and efficient. Cities are getting smarter, safer and livable.

When Innovation is smart it ensures a sustainable economic development, a higher quality of work and life.

The huge amount of data generated by connected machines can help companies and Public Administrations to provide better services, personalized shopping experiences, and enhanced services that are appreciated by users and citizens. Connecting things or services increasing their value, making sure they communicate with people is an even more valuable asset.

Cities, thanks to sensors, cameras, predictive analytics systems, become smart, efficient, organized and safe.

AD Consulting contributes with its expertise to raise the level of innovation in Public Administration and Enterprises with projects which affect different sectors:


Smart Manufacturing

The manufacturing sector is increasingly able to connect machines’ data to make better products, enhancing quality, in compliance with the increasingly stringent timing of orders. The revolution will stand in adopting IoT, Big Data and Cloud paradigms.

Machines that communicate and warn their own anomalies and damages, solutions that provide information about the production status in real time, increase the efficiency of the production to obtain a less waste of man- hours is now a reality.

Euei has developed all of this: the result is called Production Sentinel, a solution dedicated to the mechanical-manufacturing sector. Production Sentinel detects the operating and production status in total visibility, through PLC put in the machines, everytime and everywhere in order to help you eliminate downtime.

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Thanks to Production Sentinel, in MECCANICA GN, the situation of the machine tools for the production of mechanical components for F1 and aeronautics, is always under control.

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Smart Retail and Logistics

Advanced solutions in order to make unique and customize the buying experience in the shops.
The success of the retail sector is influenced by a factor: precision; thanks to the use of tools and innovative technologies it’s possible to capitalize on more opportunities, eliminate expensive mistakes and maximize resources.
Unicomm is on one of the most important groups of the Retail Sector of the North Center of Italy.
Wireless connections and infrastructures, remote and safe management of terminals for logistics are some of the needs that the company has solved thanks to the support of AD Consulting.

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The management of logistics areas is a crucial theme both for big and small companies of this sector.
AD Consulting and Euei have developed Chanda Logistics & Transportation, whose objective is to
monitor and manage the automation and the tracking of vehicles in storage and handling areas.
Chanda Logistics & Transportation has been developed in order to meet the needs of the Retail Sector, and it’s able to offer totally customizable services being adaptable to the needs of logistics.

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Smart Banking

The banking sector is required to provide more and more connections and communication networks in order to offer their services with customers through mobile devices.
Preserving the integrity of data and safety are essential factors in order to guarantee a strong defense against attacks to protect banks and their customers against fraud and threats.

Cyber-attacks are increasing: it’s essential to have a conscious approach, verifying the safety of your own IT systems, adopting behaviors, actions and policies to protect the essential assets: data, information and customers.
To put online your own business as it is or to use LAN and wireless connections are established practices, but to do it in a safe way is a responsible action.

A growing number of companies has experienced violations and attacks; defense strategies that are already in use are turning into attack strategies because of the use of predictive models for the security of systems and infrastructures. Gartner, in the classification of the 10 technology trends of 2016, lists Adaptive Security Architecture, as an emergent approach to adopt in order to build security in all business processes.

AD Consulting security consultants help you to detect vulnerabilities and to avoid accidents.

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Smart PA

Digital Business, in order to satisfy the needs of Public Administration, is changing from an innovative trend to an essential skill that represents unique challenges and great opportunities. Digital technologies are still the main objective and a priority for Local and Central Public Administrations, in order to improve facilities and services to citizens.
Cloud Computing, IT infrastructures, traffic monitoring systems, video analysis and video surveillance are helping Public Administration to be more innovative.

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