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Project Management Service

Flexible enough to meet any requirement, the unit in charge of formulating offers and project management handles projects of a varying range of complexity, coordinating activities for the design and construction of infrastructure for data centres, networks, backups, disaster recovery, integration and virtualisation of systems, wide area networks (WAN), physical and logical security, and any other area requiring skills and leadership to lead a project to success.

We arrange it so that our specialists are at your disposal, including:

  • Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Network Project Management
  • IT Project Management
  • Project Controlling
  • Project Planning
  • Business Analysis


Creating and managing a powerful network in line with your ever-growing needs is a real challenge. AD Consulting offers planning, design, and installation of data networks in any kind of setting, as well as analysing the status of networks, and reorganising or creating the infrastructure of your LAN or WAN.

For your networking needs, we offer:

  • Network performance analysis and enhancement
  • Network assessment
  • Data and network access security
  • Infrastructure consolidation
  • High reliability
  • Rationalisation of resources
  • VPN
  • Radio links and long links
  • Centralised management and monitoring
  • WAN optimization / acceleration

Wireless LANs

We are specialists in wireless connections, with expertise on high density and high performance issues; we can analyse your network needs, through on-site measurements, and devise a solution for any kind of set-up. We install wireless equipment and handle its maintenance.

We offer:

  • Site surveys or plan-based designs
  • Centralised management and multi-site solutions
  • Optimisation for high density and high performance areas
  • Multivendor integration
  • Support for BYOD devices
  • Installations in industrial environments and in critical environmental conditions
  • Comprehensive monitoring of the entire infrastructure
  • Measurement of electromagnetic fields

VoIP & Unified Communication

We design and install VOIP infrastructure, integrating these facilities with conventional systems and with new unified communications technologies.The financial savings offered are undoubtedly a crucial factor in why people choose this technology. We can optimise your infrastructure so that its management is easier and less costly.

VOiP & Unified Communication Services:

  • Integration with existing PBXs and conventional phones
  • VoIP service continuity
  • Extensive collaboration features
  • VoIP PBX with high-reliability clustering
  • Interfacing with analogue lines and equipment
  • Interoperability with conventional PBXs and third-party VoIPs


Virtualisation makes your infrastructure flexible and reliable. We carry out this process using either VMware (for the server side) but also push back the boundaries much further, in order to virtualise storage and desktops. We have developed tools for analysing virtual infrastructure and for rooting out the most hidden problems, thereby optimising the resources available.

Our expertise lies in:

  • Planning and design/li>
  • Building virtual infrastructures
  • Consolidation
  • Lowering costs
  • Reliability and continuous monitoring
  • Comprehensive and functional management

Cloud Computing

Cloud-based services are being increasingly used by businesses to share sensitive information with suppliers, customers, and other partners. Nowadays data is often synchronised with mobile devices and home computers, in an endeavour to get work done more quickly and easily, and often without the permission of the company’s IT division. Sensitive corporate data is sometimes stored on servers outside the company’s control and outside corporate guidelines, perhaps in storage facilities located abroad and, above all, in facilities not managed directly by the company. The risk of data loss is huge.

Our heads are never in the clouds. For this area, we can provide you with the following:

  • Cloud-related service within the company
  • Full data and communications encryption
  • Full write permission control
  • Simple, centralised management

Servers and Storage

At the heart of our infrastructure facilities – whether physical, virtual or cloud – lie the servers and storage units. We offer a wide range of value-added services with immediate advantages. We perform activities ranging from assessments, performance analyses, and consolidation projects, up to the construction of new data centres for public and/or private organisations.

Server & Storage Services:

  • Bespoke solutions
  • Performance analyses
  • Customised configuration
  • Integration and scalability
  • High-reliability and high-redundancy servers and storage
  • Optimised for high performance

Monitoring and NOCs

We can provide you with a system which constantly monitors your infrastructure and, if necessary, our systems engineers and technicians will step in to perform real-time troubleshooting, at zero risk, using encrypted connections and without you needing to install any software.

Monitoring service and NOCs:

  • Local or remote monitoring
  • Monitoring of system engineering and applications
  • Physical or virtual dedicated appliances
  • Tailored NOC service
  • First, second and third level help desk activities

Mobile Device Management

What we don’t know about the world of wireless could be written on the back of a microchip! We have developed extensive experience in the management and optimisation of terminals, and through the use of smartphones and tablets in the company, our body of skills has enlarged to embrace this world too.
We work with major leaders in solutions for the management of mobile devices, in order to provide you with an all-encompassing solution.

Our Mobile Device Management service provides support in the following areas:

  • Remote terminal management
  • Management of installed software
  • Out-of-box configuration
  • Device security and supervision